Manufacturing Process

McBride is ready to help with any overflow or emergency production runs. Through excellent communication, competitive pricing and available capacity, we have become a favoured supplier for on time delivery of your emergency needs.

Production Stamping

Multiple 400T press lines anchored with up to 1500T presses.

Bed sizes up to 144" L-R.

Customer dedicated or generic automated transfer systems are employed as required to improve repeatability, improve quality and ultimately reduce costs on high volume output work.

400T press lines to 1500T capacity

Production Welding

McBride provides welded sub-assemblies to complement our stamping operations.

We perform resistance welding of projection fasteners, spot welding, and robotic mig welding of sub-assemblies.

Several mig welders are available to handle large volume requirements.

Our welding areas are dynamic and can be modified with ease to accommodate new cells or stations as needed.


Various assembly services are also provided by McBride.

Everything from automated mechanical insertions of bushings and ball joints (shown left) or torque prevailing fasteners inserted and pressed in a fully automated cell (shown below).

From the most complex to the simplest, all assemblies are manufactured in-house which eliminates the need for outside processing.